Friday, 29 January 2016

Accommodation. The Owlet Lodge, Peru

The Owlet Lodge is situated in Abra Patricia Conservation Area in the cloud forest of the Amazonas Department in northern Peru. The Alto Mayo Forest, a key area on the so-called Northern Peru Birding Route, is close by. Tarapoto Airport is about 4 hours away. The lodge is named after the endangered Long-whiskered Owlet which guides from the lodge can take visitors to see. Other special birds, from many, locally include Ochre-fronted, Undulated and Pale-billed Antpittas, Common and Andean Potoos and various hummingbirds. The Critically Endangered Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey is also present. The lodge facilities are designed for birders, with a restaurant, en-suite bungalows, marked birding trails and feeders to attract birds to photographers. Importantly, staying at the lodge directly supports the conservation of the area.