Thursday, 19 January 2012

Destinations: Paklenica National Park - Croatia

The Paklenica National Park lies along the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia. Zadar is about 46km to the SW. The centre-piece is the spectacular Velika Paklenica gorge, though this can be packed with rock-climbers and so is not always the best place to find wildlife. Chamois are on the high-tops, the rugged karst here hosts Rock Partridge, Rock Thrush, Rock Dove, Rock Nuthatch and Rock Bunting lower down. In summer reptiles include Dalmatian Algyroides and butterflies are everywhere. Paklenica is a great place for those who like to combine trekking and wildlife watching. 

Friday, 6 January 2012

Wildlife: Red Squirrel

The Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris is not always red. They range in colour from pale to black. Now very localised in Britain, they are still common across most of Europe, mainly in broadeaved woodlands but also in city parks and even gardens. Those in the latter habitats are often easy to photograph.