Monday, 30 May 2011

Destinations: Varanger Fjord - Norway

Varanger Fjord lies at the very northern tip of mainland Europe, in the Finnmark region of Norway. It is a famous wildlife and birdwatching destination. It is a sparsely populated land of uplands, glaciers and tundra with a rich and accessible Arctic birdlife. It can be a harsh place but in spring large numbers of sea-duck gather along the coast, including beautiful Steller's Eiders and King Eiders as well as skuas and gulls. Gyr Falcon is another key bird here and there are grouse on the tundra. Mammals include Arctic Fox and various cetaceans in the waters of the fjord. But luck with the weather is always needed here. Varanger is also an area where the 'Northern Lights' can be watched.

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