Friday, 22 October 2010

Guide Books: Argentina

Though this 408-page Bradt guide to Argentina is not specifically focused on wildlife, it does include a wealth of information that visitors interested in wild things and wild places will find very useful. Indeed, there are background sections on Ecology, Flora, Fauna and Marine Ecosystems, and each chapter (which follow the country's regions) includes pages on National Parks and reserves. There is also a detailed appendix on Patagonian Wildlife. Many of the fine colour photos that embellish the book are also of animals (Elephant seal, Magellanic penguin, Southern right whale, Capybara, Magellanic woodpecker, Giant anteater and more) and habitats. All this is perhaps not surprising when we learn that the main author, Erin McCloskey, has a degree in conservation biology. All in all, this is essential reading for those visiting this remarkably rich and bio-diverse destination. ISBN 1 84162 138 2. 

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