Thursday, 14 October 2010

Destinations: Corkscrew Swamp - Florida, USA.

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida, USA, is a reserve managed by the National Audubon Society. It is located northeast of Naples in Florida, in Collier County. Brown informational signs along Immokalee Road point to the sanctuary. A 2.25-mile raised boardwalk takes visitors through four environments: pine upland, wet prairie, cypress forest and a swamp. Interpretive signs along the boardwalk and a field guide and Children's Activity Book are available at the admissions desk in the Blair Center at the entrance, so visitors can do a self-guided tour. Benches and rain shelters are along the trail. Wildlife sightings vary, of course, upon the time of year, the weather, and even the time of day. Birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, and a variety of native plants including wild orchids may be seen from the boardwalk. The sanctuary is an important breeding area for the endangered Wood Stork with the largest colony in North America.

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