Thursday, 8 July 2010

Destinations: Kruger National Park - South Africa

The Kruger National Park is one of the main destinations in South Africa for wildlife tourists. Each year there are more than half a million visitors. The park is in the NE and stretches from the Crocodile River in the south up to the Limpopo River in the north, which is an international border. Altogether it is 350 km long, 65 km wide and comprises an area of about 20,000 sq km. A network of roads of 1863 kms crosses the National Park, 697 km of them being tarred. For the visitor there are numerous differently equipped rest camps, most of them scenically positioned. Within the park boundaries, travel is only allowed between sunrise and sunset. After dark one has to stay in one of the fenced camps. The best time for observing the large mammals - Lion, Leopard, various Antelopes, Zebra, Elephant, Buffalo, White & Black Rhino, etc - is the dry winter season as the grass is low and bushes and trees don't have leaves. Because it virtually doesn't rain in winter, the animals come to the waterholes to drink in the mornings and evenings and can easily be watched from vehicles. Krugar is also a great places for birders.

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